A young and dynamic company specialized in exterior cladding for all types of buildings.

In its early days, Groupe Jutras Construction was a small family business specializing in residential exterior siding, renovation and metal roofing. Founded in 2016 in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield by two ambitious brothers, Antonin and Pierre-Olivier Jutras, the company quickly carved out a niche in the market.

Driven by strong values of attention to detail, customer service and work ethic, Groupe Jutras Construction’s expertise has evolved over time, as has its territory, which has expanded to the south shore and west of the island.

Today, with more than 20 employees, the company has refined its expertise in commercial, industrial and institutional coatings. The latter sectors now account for the majority of the company’s activities. Given the high demand, we still take on mandates in the residential sector, mainly for rental buildings.

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Respecting work schedules is important to us.

In the current context of labour scarcity and difficulties in supplying certain materials, Jutras Construction has learned to deal with these obstacles and to try to anticipate, as much as possible, the conditions to which each construction site will have to adapt. We constantly work in close collaboration with the various suppliers. This is what is most important in defining the parameters with which we must deliver.

Our suppliers

Trusted partners

In order to offer an impeccable service to our customers, it is important to surround ourselves with suppliers who are reliable and who provide high quality products and services. Over the years, we have built solid relationships that allow us to serve our customers well.

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  • Idéal revêtement
  • Nadeau Isolation
  • Multiplis
  • Distribution Lazure
  • Aluminium Dépôt
  • Supertek
  • Agway métal
  • Ad seal
  • Maconnex
  • Luxor
  • Panfab
  • Fabrication St-Laurent
  • Kaycan
  • Métalunic

A healthy
and transparent
relationship with
our customers.

We believe that a healthy and transparent relationship with our customers is of the utmost importance. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and developing long-term relationships based on trust. We strive to be open and honest in all our dealings with our customers, suppliers and partners.

Our dedication to our work is demonstrated by the high quality of our services and the exceptional level of customer satisfaction we achieve. 

rooted values



In the field of exterior siding, the details make a big difference in the final look as well as in its waterproofing or its life span. At Jutras Construction, nothing is left to chance.



Our customers are important to us and that is why we are available and responsive to their needs.



We are always honest with our clients at all levels. We believe that transparency and communication are the keys to good business relationships.



Every problem has a solution. At Jutras Construction, our employees are trained and motivated to offer the highest standard of quality. We are professional and courteous, but above all, we take our projects to heart.

A promising

With continued growth, Jutras Construction is counting on consolidating its place in its market and the expertise of its personnel to maintain a place of choice in the installation of exterior coverings for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Our work teams have their expertise and remain at the cutting edge of their field. We wish to maintain a continuous growth rate.

This growth leads us to continually look for motivated and competent people to join our team. If you are interested in a career with Groupe Jutras Construction, please visit the contact page.

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